On August 23 you will have 24 hours to solve and present a tech-driven solution for the expansion and development of Caitlin's Closet as founder, Caitlin Brunell, strives to reach and impact people beyond the dress or suit.

Don't worry if you are not technical because this is a highly collaborative event utilizing the skill sets of program/software developers and marketing minded individuals.  All that you need is to be passionate about making the world a better place and empowering people to overcome their circumstances.

Caitlin's Closet wants to reach beyond the donation and delivery of dresses and suits moving toward the full empowerment of others helping each discover their own gifts and strengths.  The journey of Caitlin's Closet starts with a dress and ends with personal success.  Caitlin's Closet website begins to connect individuals to organizations that provide support, inspiration, and tangible life skills that help those who are "at risk" become "managers of risk."  The goal of the Geolocator mobile app is to expand the list of organizations responsive to the needs of those challenged by a variety of life's circumstances connecting the individual with the organization that best meets their needs right in their own backyard!  The #IAM Challenge app is aimed at promoting the voices of those beginning to define themselves.  Caitlin wants to remind everyone their voice matters and each person has unique strengths.  The #IAM app will be used to promote positive self esteem and calls other to challenge themselves to pay it forward with their positive messages of self-empowerment.  Finally, distributing clothing and funds is central to the sustainability of Caitlin's Closet.  Caitlin's Closet has been active in 40 states and is growing.  With over 10,000 items being distributed the goal of this app is to expand the ability to donate cash and clothing while providing those in need with quick locations of where clothing can be found that meets an individual's current need.

Challenges:  Caitlin's Closet teams will organize around each of the below challenges.  Winning solutions will be selected by a panel of judges.  Judges will be announced prior to the hackathon.

Challenge:  Create a geo-locator mobile app to direct individuals to local organizations providing life skills development and social impact solutions addressing a wide range of lifestyle and personal development challenges illustrating the global map of users' locations and connected resources.

Challenge:  Create a mobile app to convene, unite, and strengthen the voices of all those willing to answer the Caitlin's Closet "I AM..." Challenge, demonstrating ways individuals define themselves in the face of their life's circumstances demonstrating to the world that every voice matters.

Challenge: Create a mobile app for dress or monetary donations, collections, delivery, and distribution as well as a drop-off and pick-up locator for clothing items (geo locator necessary) mapping the number of donors and recipients across the country.




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Countries:  United States


We need mobile applications specifically to meet the needs of Caitlin's Closet.

How to enter

Simply create a profile on ChallengePost to be eligible for judging




Judging Criteria

  • Design
    Overall design and ease of use
  • Fulfills the Hackathon challenges
    Does the submission fulfill the initial challenges described
  • Potential for Impact
    Does the submission present vast potential for impact for Caitlin's Closet to reach others

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